Bitch's World
Dedicated to the perfect female companion
Welcome to, the place where human
females can truly get in touch with their "inner bitch".   Female
dogslaves are  relatively new in the bdsm community and
there seems to be very limited information and resources
available for this.  I would like to change that.

My intention is to create a resource for those females that feel
a need for exploring the animal inside and a place for those
who would like to view these wonderful pets in their natural
My Personal Pet

29 yrs old
3' 9"  tall
4' 7"  long
115 Lbs

Slave register
SLRN     000-804-421
"Yard time"
she has a nice bodysuit for being taken out in
public.  Even though her gear is inescapable
when locked on properly, you can see how
easily it can be altered for stretching and
2-legged mobility when required.
she is allowed furniture when chained, but she
prefers her place on the floor as well.

"good girl"
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